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Night Out

Illumination and night lights of New York City. Intentional motion blur

With our personal service you will have a luxury car and professional driver at your service from the moment your evening begins. We will promptly pick you us at your appointed location and take you to dinner at whichever restaurant you would like. We can either wait for you the entire time or give you a card to call us 10 minutes before you are finished so that we can pull the car right up front to greet you as you exit the restaurant.

Night clubs can be more relaxing knowing that you are going to return safe at your desired location.  You and your friends do not have to worry about driving home after a few drinks.  With no worries about DUI’s or DWI”s your evening will be more relaxing.  Your driver will take care of your entire evening.  We can then go “as directed” wherever you’d like to go. Your limit is your imagination. At the end of the evening we return you to your desired location. This is the way to go for a total glamour evening